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The Great British Get Together

Nothing is better for the soul than a good meal in great company!

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"With the country being in lock down it might seem strange, illegal even, to suggest that we all ‘Get Together’. And at a time when the one thing many of us crave is get apart! But hold on. As Christmas approaches, as we desperately fix up outbuildings or turn the linen cupboard into accommodation for Granny and prepare to tell the approaching COVID Marshall that, ‘seriously, we’ve always lived like a traveller community’ it’s time to envelop those nearest and dearest with an even bigger hug.


If, like me, your household has got through this year of confinement, of rare pub visits, no travel abroad and you’ve just about coped with muzzling yourself in public without losing your temper, now is the time to pat yourselves on the back and celebrate. Relish the good fortune that you’ve almost made it through the year and steel yourself to dig just a little deeper.


And this is what the Great British Get Together is all about; encouraging your family to gather at the table and spread the word among friends and friends and work colleagues to do the same.


And the Countryside Alliance is here to help you, to galvanise your cooking skills with inspiration from great chefs, an exultation to keep buying local produce and a suggestion, nay a demand, to get the thing going with a few glasses of good wine.


With tasty menu suggestions and ideas for encouraging the teenagers in your house to take charge of a course or two you’ll also be raising much needed funds for the Countryside Alliance.


Bon appetit and happy sipping!"

William Sitwell

With ever changing restrictions to our lives, we are asking people to hold a Great British Get Together with their household to raise valuable funds for the Countryside Alliance.

By making the meal that little bit special - whatever it might be breakfast, lunch, tea, supper or dinner – or perhaps one of each over the coming weeks and months – we can come together in our households and support the Countryside Alliance.

Furthermore, we can also support our favourite local businesses who have all done so much to support their customers through this pandemic.

You can find Covid-19 guidance on the Government website.

Register now for a chance to win a meat box from Lyons Hill Farm worth £150!



To launch The Great British Get Together we have put together a wonderful selection and special offer on wines especially selected by William Sitwell, plus discounts on meat boxes, ChalkStream Trout and more!



Throughout the year we will be providing you with lots of ideas to help you plan your Get Together and raise vital funds for the Countryside Alliance.

"Seems silly, doesn’t it? A wedding given everything that’s going on?" - Ginny Weasley

"Maybe that’s the reason to have it. Because of everything that’s going on." - Harry Potter

To donate by phone, please call 07799 872787


Make cheques payable to the 'Countryside Alliance' and post to Countryside Alliance, PO BOX 42, Ashford, TN24 0ZW


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For all queries please contact: caroline-harris@countryside-alliance.org or telephone 07799 872787

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